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Male violence against females is one of society's largest problems. In 2015, Swedish authorities received 29,000 criminal complaints on violence against women and reported 6,000 rapes. About 17 women are murdered each year by men who have or have had love relationships with them. To run our society-critical operation and make a difference, we need your support.

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Become a volunteer

Volunteers run Kvinnojouren Kerstin Lidingö; consequently, we depend on volunteers do to what they can to enable our vision, namely, a society free from violence. Right now, we're planning volunteer training for next autumn.

Become a member

During our annual general meeting, members have opportunities to influence our mission, vision, and operations. Members pay an annual fee of SEK 150.

Our bankgiro number is 688-3920.
Our SWISH number is 123 106 39 16.

Write your name, email address, and "member" on your payment.

All membership dues go directly into our operation.


Donate money

We need your support to be able to serve even more women. 

Kvinnojouren Kerstin is very grateful for donations from companies and private parties.

Bankgiro number 688-3920
SWISH number 123 106 39 16

We welcome all contributions - large as well as small. All contributions are used for our operations only.



Kvinnojouren Kerstin is a volunteer organization that's run thanks to contributions from private persons and organizations that support our work. And we need your support to help even more women.

 Deposit your contribution into our bankgiro account 688-3920. Thanks for your gift!


Do you wish to send clothes and toys?

Right now, Kvinnojouren Kerstin doesn't operate sheltered housing, so we have no opportunities to accept clothes, toys, and so on. 


Our partners

Kvinnojouren Kerstin cooperates with the Lidingö municipality. Together, we strive for easily accessible support for women and children who are subjected to domestic violence. The municipality shares our goal of reducing violence within its boundaries. 

Thank you!

 Kvinnojouren Kerstin extends a warm thank-you to those who support our operation:

  • Lidingö hem
  • Lidingö stad
  • Marulk AB
  • Stockby Hantverkarförening
  • Antrop
  • Camelonta
  • Nina Ericson
  • Din salong på Lidingö