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Kvinnojouren Kerstin Lidingö provides free counselling, emotional support, information, and referrals via telephone and face-to-face meetings. Our volunteers understand your situation. They're used to listening and supporting people. You are anonymous, and we are bound to confidentiality; so what you tell us is not passed on. Families, friends, colleagues, authorities, and other stakeholders can also turn to Kvinnojouren Kerstin for information and advice.

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What is violence?

These and other behaviors constitute violence: Punching a fist into your belly. Penetrating you while you're sleeping. Gambling away your income. Forbidding you to leave home without permission. Constantly telling you that you're useless.

Physical brutality

  • Shoving, slapping, blocking

  • Strangling, smothering

  • Threatening, attacking, stabbing 

Psychological abuse

  • Threatening and excluding
  • Accusing, interrogating, bullying
  • Isolating


Sexual assault

  • Harassing and abusing verbally and physically 

  • Forcing oral and bodily (physical) actions

  • Raping



  • Deliberately making daily life difficult
  • Avoiding/denying sufficient help and care
  • Harming body parts already injured



Financial coercion

  • Destroying property
  • Denying economic independence
  • Prohibiting control of income/assets





Honor-related oppression

  • Limited actions inside and outside the home
  • Denied the right to select a partner
  • Genital mutilation, female circumcision, forced or arranged marriage


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