How we can help you

Have you experienced violence? 

Kvinnojouren Kerstin Lidingö is here for you, as a woman who is exposed to violence – regardless of the type of violence. You can always be anonymous when you contact us. We are bound to confidentiality. We listen without judging or questioning. All advice is free.

We offer:

  • Call support via support phone and in face-to-face meetings
  • Support in contact with authorities, health care, lawyers, and so on
  • Advice on who you can turn to for other practical support

Are you a relative or friend?

Do you suspect that someone you know is being subjected to violence? Need help and support in the situation? We provide advice and information. 

Families, friends, and colleagues are always welcome to contact Kvinnojouren Kerstin Lidingö.

Call the police in emergency situations (phone 112), if someone's life is in danger.



Kvinnojouren Kerstin Lidingö does not have sheltered housing. Our goal is to offer sheltered accommodation for women and children who are victims of violence. We refer victims to other women's helplines that offer sheltered care. Victims on Lidingö are never sheltered on Lidingö; instead they're removed to another municipality or county for their own protection.

Please visit Unizon for more information.

About Kvinnojouren Kerstin Lidingö

Kvinnojouren Kerstin Lidingö was launched in 2010. Three women named Kerstin are the founders, which explains the name of our helpline, whose mission is to (i) support women and children subjected to violence and (ii) guide them to the right authorities that can help them. We also spread knowledge about men's violence against women, which is a large yet hidden societal problem.

Kvinnojouren Kerstin Lidingö is a volunteer organization that has no political and religious affiliations. Volunteers run the operation. Activities are primarily financed through contributions from the Lidingö municipality and the National Board of Health.

Kvinnojouren Kerstin Lidingö is affiliated with Unizon, which is an umbrella organization for more than 130 women's helplines, girls' helplines, and other support operations that work for an equal society free from violence.



We need your support to be able to help even more women.

Our volunteer organization depends on contributions from state and local authorities. We are very grateful for donations from companies and private persons – regardless of the amount. Our bank giro number is 688-3920. Thanks for your support!